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"This is a great idea!! Last year I had so many peppers. My parents had many tomatoes. I wish we knew earlier so that we could have planted more!!! :-)"

Christine T

Michelle Obama speaking and writing about here.

First Lady Michelle Obama, Let's Move!, White House, DC is a great program that gardeners and small farmers can, and should, embrace. ... Promote the idea to your farming friends so that they know were and when they can drop off contributions. People who use a food bank deserve fresh food and in today's economy there are more people than ever who need the help. So don't let the tomatoes get over ripe because you cannot can any more, bug your local food bank to take them, or set up your own table outside the food bank so that people can help themselves."

Atlanta Gardening Examiner

"I can tell you how much those who utilize the food pantry enjoy the opportunity to take home some fresh produce. The turnips were flying out the door yesterday. Yes, that's right. These are the same turnips (except these are organically grown) that sit unloved in the grocery store produce section. Keep that fresh produce coming. It's good for the whole country because healthier people means less money going to the hospitals."

Newport Food Panry, CA

"We have been trying to find a good way to communicate to gardeners which food shelves they can donate to. I think is the missing link we have been looking for."

Second Harvest Heartland, MN

" is one of the most innovative groups I've met."

Jon Carson, Former Director of the Presidents Office of Public Engagement, White House, DC

" has been a huge benefit to our partner agencies and has really helped getting fresh fruits to those in need."

Feeding America of San Diego, CA

"What's most exciting about is that anyone can help connect their surplus produce to pantries, from community gardens, to ambitious backyard gardeners (or front-yard, in my own personal case), to apartment dwellers who use that crazy upside down tomato planter."

Beyond Bread

FFF and

Now Your Department/Agency Employees CAN
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For the first time, federal employees donating food to the Feds Feed Families campaign can also donate excess garden produce from their home/community garden.

Instead of bringing their harvested food to the office, they can take it directly to a local food pantry in their own community.

Thanks to a partnership with, an innovative non-profit organization, government employees can easily find a food pantry in their own community that is eager for the fresh food by simply visiting

Food pantries get the fresh food, many for the first time, growers get the satisfaction of knowing that their extra food is not going to be left to rot in the garden, pantry clients get the option of enjoying freshly harvested food, the environment benefits, and more donations can be attributed to the FFF program.

Q. Why haven't gardeners been able to donate their garden produce along with the cans, jars and boxes in the past?
A. As a rule, the food bank network cannot accept short shelf life foods like fruits and vegetables. solved that by enabling donors to take food directly to a local food pantry. You can learn more about the problem and the solution in this 6 minute video.

Q. Is this the same as gleaning?
A. No. Gleaning programs involve volunteers visiting a farm to help harvest extra food that can then be donated to a regional food bank. is instead focused on America's 42 million home and community gardeners who have food to donate from their own garden or garden plot. You the gardener harvest the food from your garden, find a nearby food pantry at and then you take it there yourself. It's all within your neighborhood and you do it when you want - not when a gleaning program is organized.

Q. How many food pantries are accessible?
A. About 7,000 across all 50 states, with more being added daily.

Q. I've never heard of - where did it come from?
A. is the creation of CNN Hero Gary Oppenheimer. They have worked closely with the USDA, White House and EPA for about five years.

Q. Is there any cost for working with
A. No. It is totally free for the gardeners and the food pantries.

Q. How does the food get to the food pantry?
A. functions as a search engine helping the grower find a nearby food pantry. Once located, the grower typically takes the food to their pantry directly. In most cases, the nearest food pantry is located within a short driving distance. In some cases, the food pantry may also be able to pick up the food from the grower.

Q. How do we track what fresh food gardeners have donated as part of FFF?
A. A form will shortly be added to for the federal employees to document the donation and then provide it to her/his FFF coordinator.

Q. Where can I find more information for our employees?
A. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Q. Where can I learn more about
A. There are three excellent videos available online:

Q. We need more information - how can I contact
A. Email them at or if you need to speak to someone, call AMPLE-6-9880 (267-536-9880)

Q. Can provide a speaker to one of our meetings?
A. Yes. Visit for more information.